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ITLAVersion française The International Toy Library Association is a non-profit making international organization comprised of national toy library associations and direct international members. It was created in 1990 in Torino during the 5th international conference of toy libraries.
Cynthia Morrison, presidente of ITLA: "One of the major objectives of ITLA is to create a platform for the sharing of ideas and information about toy libraries and play."


  • To disseminate the concept of toy libraries as a means for bringing play and play materials to people.
  • To serve as a link between national toy library organizations, providing opportunity for international exchange of ideas and materials.
  • To maintain a liaison with other organizations and associations pertaining to developmental and social issues, health, education and play.
  • To promote the development, production and creation of toys and games that foster educational, physical, psychological, social and cultural growth, and to disseminate information about such toys.
  • To organize periodic international events and conferences dedicated to discussing various aspects of play, playthings, and playful interactions.


ITLA established in 1999 a World Play Day
on May 28th each year.

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